Writting 101; Day 2, write a list.

Things I like.
1. I like spending time with my wife and traveling and exploring the world with her.
2. I like the smell of fresh homemade breakfast in the morning. Specially that involving egss, chorizo or ham, bacon or sausage and last, but not least, a hot cup of hazelnut flavored coffee.
3. I like the feeling  of a cloudy, gray, cold and breeze day. Gives me so much inspiration and energy.
4. I like reading a book, fiction preferably.
5. I like driving at night with my window down and feel the fresh air going in thru the window.
6. I like swimming in the ocean during a hot summer day and then have a picnic on the sand with tropical fruits and a delicious “Shrimp Ceviche” prepared by my lovely wife.
7. I like to think about life and day dream as well as learning as much as possible in different areas, specially philosophy and psycology.
8. I like to blog.
This is my list, what is yours?


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