Don’t waste time.


     We live in a society which is really time consuming and some times 24 hours a day does not seem like enough. In between family, work, school and personal time, hours just pass by flying.
     It is inevitable, after all time does not stop, it just keeps on going, it’s the nature in time, even some times when we feel like stopping time in order to make the most out of it, that will not just happen. It won’t.
     So, time can not be stopped, that has been established already, but there is certain stuff that can be done in order to make the most out of time, and therefore, make the most out of everyday life.
     Whethere you work, you study, you have a family, you just got involve in a new relationship, or all of the above, always keep in mind that the earlier you wake up, the more the day will last. That is because as human beings, we were created in order to perform better during the day. There is some people who can do better at night, but that is just a preference. We were created as daylight beings, that is why we do not have night vision integrated like owls or a sonnar like bats. Always try to get a good sleep (about 8 hours minimum) so that by the time you wake up in the morning you are ready to go. Try it, you will feel the difference and even feel more energize and therefor more stuff during the day can be achieved.
     It is true that it is not easy to just go to bed early, some times it just does not seem like possible, but it is believe me, that is why it is good to get rid of all distractions as soon as you go to bed, turn off your phone, turn off the T.V. if you have one near your bed which can distract you from sleeping. As soon as you get rid of distractions you will see that sleeping early is possible. If getting rid of distractions does not help as much, try drinking a cup of warm milk, the oldest trick in the book.
     Making the most out of every day life is amazing but in order for it to happened time managagement is really important. Always try to keep an agenda. When you write down the stuff that you want to achive during the day, it is easier to keep in mind, and make it easier to make yourslef aware of all the stuff you want to do during the day and therefore achieve the goals you have in life. Keep an agenda, it is really helpful.
      Always pay attention to the stuff you do during the day. Did you achieve all the things that you planned? if not, why? Keep track of all the stuff that you did during the day and recall how much time did you have free? what did you do to the time you got free, how did you spent it? did you take a walk or read a book or did you just sit down looking at the cealing for hours?
     Life is about living, learning, discoverying, reaching goals and achieving dreams, and time management is really important in order to make it happen. Always remember that how you spent your time today will reflect in the near furture as well as in what you spent your time (life) in.


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