What A Nightmare!

A little kid woke up in the middle of the night and run to his parent’s bedroom. The lightning had awoken him and the shadows outside his bedroom scared him.

Earlier that day, he had been watching a scary movie. Even thought his parents had told him not to wach scary movies without them, he disobeyed and watched the movie any ways.

Now in the middle of the night, he couldn’t sleep because either, everything outside his room looked like an evil clown, or everything looked like a boogie man.

Now hiding underneath the blankets of his parent’s bed, he realized that he fell safe even though they were sleeping.

Wait a minute, his parents did not react to his presence in their bed, that is weird, they always wake up as soon as he enteres the room, how could they be sleeping now.

2 shadows, one on his left and one on his right, made him turn around. Oh no! his parents had turned into clowns and they were laughing at him with evil mouths and evil eyes, even the makeup on their faces looked evil.

Aaaahhhhh!!!! he woke up, this time for reals, screaming, his dad rushed to his room, and now crying in his dad’s arms he promised; that next time he would not watch scary movies when his parents were not around.



I saw a man in line ready to pay for a bottle of wine in a grocery store. It was not one of those big corporate store but more like a smaller, friendlier, local, grocery store. He looked at the bottle at hand with a doubtful expression. It is wine sale week and the wine has extra 20 percent off, but it seems like his choice is not really too convincing for him. As the line gets longer behind him, he looks around with a cry for help expression on his face.

After some Few seconds looking around, finally surprise hits him. The brightness that took over his face could have lit up a room at the end of a windowless house on a moonless night. There by the endcap, the tallest wine display in the entire store, stood his answer. He was looking for a sweet wine, but due to the lack of knowledge on his side, his limited two options were either a Merlot or a pink Moscato. The merlot on his hand did not really made him much confident, but there at the endcap stood the “Gallo Pink Moscato” 1 gallon. Even better,  not just the small bottle but the 1 gallon bottle, for the price of a small one, plus the discount? could not say no to that deal. Like a little kid getting candy after the piñata breaks, this man run to the display in order to get the wine he would really get to enjoy.

He grabs one bottle and he starts analyzing it, he asks one of the employees “Is this really the price?” with surprise on his face and the brightness of a Christmas morning after receiving that so waited for gift. “Yes, that is the price.” the employee answered with less surprise on his face, after all, how many people ask him that question a day? “Thank you!” the man said in a loud excited voice as the employee walked away.

With the same excitement as when he first saw the bottle, the man checked  and analyzed it closer. Once ready to walk to the register and pay for it, his hands could not hold the bottle any longer and so, it felt to the ground causing time to slowed down as the bottle hit the ground, I perceive it and so did he, the bottle fell to the ground in slow motion and there was no one that could have stopped it, not even the man who had been holding it fraction of a second ago. With a clinging strong sound the bottle hit the ground making customers turn around to see what fell, with awe on their faces they notice that the bottle did not break. The man that held the bottle seconds before turns red and embarrassment possesses his soul. With a quick swing he picks up the bottle and observes it again as customers get back to their own business in line.

He examined the bottle looking for any cracks and with crazy surprise he realizes that there is not even a tiny chip on the magnificent bottle. Once embarrassment washed off, he looked around and decided to put the bottle right where he got it from. With caution he grabs a bottle from a higher stack from the back of the display, after all, what if some tiny pieces of glass crisp inside the bottle that he just dropped, better to prevent, but see life sometimes works in funny ways, as he removes the new bottle from the back in order to take it to the register and pay for it, something very weird happened, the new bottle hits the previous one making it once again fall to the ground in that slow motion perception hitting the ground once again now with a twist, little pieces of glass explode in all direction with wine running on the floor making a mess. New customers in line turn around, together with the old customers walking towards the door, to see what broke; a bottle of wine. No surprise there, after all bottles of wine break when falling to the ground, right?

Questions form in my mind as the customer proceeded to checkout, with embarrassment once again obvious on his face;  Was it destiny? was that bottle meant for him and only him, is that why the bottle broke after he refused to take it after the first fall? or was the bottle meant to break and it didn’t really meant to leave with no one, could it have been prevented? or was it just a coincidence?

Crazy writting, 1?

There was a man sitting on a bench. He looked at his surroundingds and realized there were a lot of little kids just looking at him, but why were they looking at him in such intriguing way? Let me explain to you what happened that mornign; there was a monkey eatting a  banana on a tree. The monkey looked like a baby because he was wearing a diaper. The diaper had little stammps in the shape of many little stars, therefor the monkey must have fallen from space. In space there is something called the moon. The moon rotates around the earth. My wife had told me that the moon was made out of cheese. If cheese was the main ingridient for the moon, imagine the size of the cow that provided the milk for that big cheese. Oh, now im craving a sandwich. Excuse me!

The house I live in, deserves a great leader.

I live in a big house. This House is made out 51 rooms, all beautiful in their own way and all blessed by God’s divine power. This house that I am talking about holds people from all over the world, making it the greatest place to live with the most multicultural diverse ethnic groups. Thru out the house, a wide variety of traditions have being adopted, for the pillars holding this house have being made strong by something call; immigration.

Before this house adopted the beautiful construction that it is today, where diversity takes place more than any other place in the neighborhood, people came from other places, places as far as the far East, in a neighborhood called Europe. This initial immigrants, in search of a place to worship God  welcomed any one who was looking for the same spiritual freedom. They saw the potential of this terrain to hold the pillars for the house they wanted to build. A house all able to grow into something magnificent which could hold the power of the people, for the people were invited to practice something called; democracy.
This initial pilgrims brought with them their own traditions and as time passed adopted some other ones thanks to the people from around the neighborhood whom decided to live in this house and be part of this family.
It sounds easy to summarise a whole time of years of history into a paragraph, but the construction of this house has taken not only hard work, and swet, it has also taken the life’s and the blood of those warriors and heroes who fought in order to give the people in this house something that we call; freedom.
All the sacrifice and everything that the founding fathers went thru in order to make of this house a great place to live has paid off. People living in this house  have their miss understandings and arguments, just like any other family, but this house has been good and it is a great place to live in, I wouldn’t change it for any other.
The potential of this house is beyond what any living human could understand and it is such a great place that up to today and with 51 rooms forming it, this house is still growing and getting better and more powerful as time passes by thanks to all the razes and all the traditions that are part of this house. It is so great to know that this house has welcome and keeps on welcoming people from all over the world in order to make it the best place to live in. Up to today, those great founding fathers, have being honor by allowing people to be part of this house, this family. Based on the statement “all men created equal” this house will survive any men like power threatting it and it will grow and with the help of great leaders, this house shall do great and amazing things not only for the house itself but for the entire neighborhood.
Unfortunately some times, like this year, some one jumps out of no where and threatens the magnificent pillars of this house, supposedly promising a better future for this already great house. This want to be “leader” promises something good for the house but, what good can possible bring destroying the initial pillars that our so beloved founding fathers raised and built and placed themselves. What good could it possible bring kicking out the people residing in this glorious and united nation taking hard working people out of it. What, do fruits and vegetables and plants and beautiful trees get planted, harvested and picked all by themselves? Do kids go to school and learn all by themselves? Do the rooms of this amazing house get clean all by themselves? Do shelves of super market stores get refilled all by themselves?
This man who claims to be able to do something good for the nation, for this strong house, is nothing but threatening the pillars and fundamentals of this great nation. He claims that building a wall to stay isolated from the rest of the world is going to bring something good but, what nation has acted like a hermit and done great stuff? This man in search of power claims to know about constructions and building great stuff but every time I hear him talking in news conferences, presidential campaigns, it sounds to me like he knows nothing about what this nation needs. This house, is already built, this house has pillars already, the structure, the walls, the rooms. This house doesn’t need a leader to built it for it is already built, this house doesn’t need a leader to fix its pillars for the pillars are already strong and set, this house needs a leader to maintain it, to protect it, to help it grow, not to threaten it and with it the future of millions of people. This house needs a leader who will protect its people and the people who want to be part of this house, not turn every one against each other.
This great nation needs a leader who will honor our great founding fathers by maintain the pillars they set; immigration, for they were immigrants once. Democracy; for the people know what each room needs in order to keep this house strong. Freedom; for that was the initial search, to find a place where we could worship God. And finally, equal opportunity; for every men has been created equal.
This house needs a leader, a great leader, not a Bob the builder or a Hitler, specially if those 2 are found in the same person.


By: Salvador Magana.
One day, as the sun risen by the mountains, two members of a tribe older than beef stew were getting ready to take the annual tribute to the God of Snow in the high peak mountain. Every year for the last 2,000 years a tribute had been presented to the God of Snow in order for him to allow the snow to melt and come down the mountain into the village to the tribe “Pokavord”. One of the favorite tributes of the God were BBQ ribs and tacos. Dried food was the thing back in those years, for water was only used for drinking and showering. No one in the tribe had yet attempted to use water for cooking, no one had come up with the idea.
As the two members, Tall and Short, to give them a name since no names were available yet, were getting ready to start the half a day walk to the peak of the mountain, a really strong earthquake shaken the land making every body afraid that the god of snow was getting hungry, so with no time to waste, Tall and Short got on their way to the snow mountain.
Tall was so skinny of a guy, if he climbed a tree, his arms and legs could easily get confused for branches, which was weird for a guy well known in the village to be a able to eat half a mammoth in two days. The tribe didn’t understand how that was possible, then again in those years the tribe was not really able to understand much happening around them. Life was about hunting, eating, dancing and sleeping. With that said, you might be thinking, “What made them select this guy to go in such important trip?” Tall was the fastest hunter among the tribe members, that and his camouflage ability, made him to be selected among the members in the tribe as one of the person to take the tribute to the Snow God.
Short on the other hand, was a chubby fellow. As heavy as a rock, he was the member in the tribe helping with the hard work needed around. If a tornado threaten the tribes food support, cows and sheep, Short was the guy to hold them by the foot and keep them down on the ground. Not like Tall, short could eat just a leg of mammoth and gain three times the weight. I know, weird members right? but according to the tribe, their abilities complemented each other in order to make sure the tribute for the year would get safe and sound to the Snow God.
The tribute this year consisted of something different, even though the Snow God prefer BBQ and/or Tacos, this year the tribe decided to send something special, you see, last year the Snow God had been really mercy full, allowing more snow than usual to melt and come down the river for no particular reason, therefor instead of sending any of the god’s favorites, this year they decided to send a whole cow, with a wagon full of vegetables.
And so there went, Tall and Short in their trip to the snow mountain with their cow pulling on a wagon full of vegetables.
 2/3 of their trip had already passed. Tall and Short were already half the way up of the snow mountain when they decided to take a break. The snow, as white as clouds, covered the entire road, the entire mountain. White all the way down and white all the way up. The two fellows covered in their mainly hair from head to toe, helped them protect themselves from the slight breeze brushing the mountain from peak to bed.
As they each prepared to sit on a piece of leopard skin placed on the snow to take a break and eat a carrot or two, the snow in their fingers burnt with cold. “Ah” came out of Tall’s mouth as he shaken the snow of his hands. Short could not helped it and laughed. The cow sitting down and eating some carrots as well looked at the two individuals as peaceful as it could, enjoying just the carrots with eyes half way opened in delight of the carrots taste.
Short got curious as for why Tall had screamed when touching the snow, so there he was, Short, touching the snow as well. It was the first time for them two to see the snow and play with it, for every year different people were selected in order to take the tribute. Short felt the snow a little more carefully since Tall’s reaction had prepared him for it. As Short dug his chubby index finger in the snow in a twirly motion, he felt the cold burning to his bone. “Ah” he exclaimed as well. Now Tall laughed. With a feeling of revenge, short grabbed some shapeless snow in his hands and threw it at Tall. Hitting it right on the face, Tall got mad and proceeded to throw snow at Short as well. Back and forth they went throwing snow as if in the middle of a battlefield and with snow as their ammo, scaring the cow with their aggression. Some snow hit the cow on its face making it stand up and run with its sharp horns towards them. Scare, Tall and Short run away from it into a path of the mountain no one had ever explored before, for branches would get on their way.
Running from the cow they both stopped right on the edge of what seem like really hot water, a hot spring they had discover. The ox unable to stop felt into the water together with the wagon full of vegetables. Frighten on their faces and a big scream, as for Tall and Short  saw the tribute sinking in the hot water. Short made an attempt to jump into the hot spring in order to save the tribute, when a skinny hairy hand pulled him backwards from his long hair. Tall threw Short on the floor and showed him what had happened to the cow and the vegetables, trying to explain that the same thing would happened to him if he attempted to rescue the tribute. Carefully they went down the path next to the bowling water, and they sat next to it thinking about what had happened and how doomed they were. No more tribute meant an angry god and no tribute plus an mad tribe. “Gulp” their throats went at the same time, as if swallowing the dryness of pain and disappointment away. They looked for a sign of the cow or the vegetables but nothing was visible. As they got ready to leave and go back to the village, a carrot popped up making them jumped back. Then a tomato popped up making them walked towards the water and getting to their knees to appreciate that their eyes were not tricking them. Now an onion popped up and eventually one after another, all vegetables came afloat, but no sign of the cow. They grabbed some sticks from around and started pulling the vegetables out, they though that if at least they took the vegetables to the god, he wouldn’t be so mad, after all, a little tribute would be better than no tribute at all. Surprised that the vegetables were floating in the water, they realized they were now soft and wet. As they leaned forward, the smell of what got to be called beef stew, as years passed,got to their noses. Deliciousness in their brains, their eating instinct made them try it. Tasting delicious, they couldn’t believe it, for the vegetables and the cow got cooked together and made the water taste so much better, warm in their tummy, this two individuals as excited as little kids discovering the power of glue for the first time, run up the mountain to show to the Snow God of their new discovery, since no tribute was present at the moment, the two fellows gestured the big white god, yes like a big snow man, to follow them.
 Once down in the hot spring, they invited him to try the water to what he accepted and to Tall’s and Short’s surprise, he loved it.
Back down in the village, Tall and Short gestured and draw their story, intriguing every one for the end was unexpected, the only way to know if the god had been really happy and satisfied was by waiting for next year to see the flow of the water down the mountain, in the river to the village.
Short enough time passed by and the village, anxiously counted the days for the water to start flowing, and so it happened, the water started flowing and as months passed, the tribe noticed that more water was running to the river giving more water to the tribe in order to grow more vegetables and take good care of the cattle for the Snow God had a new favorite, and so there was beef stew from then on.

The steps we take.

We might step in the same spot twice, but no step will be the same for steps thru life are moments and moments vanish. Make sure to walk thru like firm and confident, so that by the time you reach your destination you will turn back and look at every step you took and you will feel proud of where you have finaly gotten to.


Midnight Snacks

by, Salvador Magana

New Year had already pass

and with it all the feasts and the Wallet scratch,

even thought it was his favorite time of the year

big Ton had an important lesson to learn.

You see, during the holidays and with all the delicious food on the table,

thanks giving Christmas and, why not, new year’s eve,

that extra tummy was already labeled


From the already tighten enough belt,

to the fourth button of that Calvin Klein shirt.

It seemed to be getting bigger every time he ate,

for he couldn’t stop, the feasts were calling his name.

“Eat us Ton”

The food was to say and when he least expect it one plate was already gone.

From Turkey and Pozole, to Tamales and Ham,

the fruit punch delicious but the belt was about to get turned apart.

“New Year’s resolution,” he thought “to lose all this extra weight.”

He wants to be healthy but he couldn’t, not during the holidays feasts.

“10, 9, 8, 7…” he found himself chanting until finally countdown got to 1.

“Happy New Year” he was finally screaming to everyone in the room,

to family and friends to even the cat neightboors hate.

He woke up next morning, determine for his quest,

for there was no time to waste,

the belly was still there.

Exercising every morning, big smile on his face,

for his big fat tummy, finally will be gone.

January, February, march, April, May.

He kept on exercising until October got there.

He finally checks his weight with not so good news, for the big fat belly was not gone at all.

“What happened?” he thought, “how did this happen if I have being exercising?” he asked to himself. When an evil laugh echoed in a place he felt nearby.

“What is that…” silence and then he focused again on his big fat belly. he wanted to cry.

He said “it is already October; this has to be gone,

for the holidays are coming and I will eat more”

sad face, right expression for this situation,

for the big fat tummy was laughing with aggression.

“HA HA HA HA” the tummy laughed under those layers of extra weight

thanks to the food of last year’s holidays.

“Why are you laughing?” Ton asked, he was really mad.

“I wanted the extra weigh gone, and look, is the same, why isn’t it gone?

Do you know the answer to this?”

The tummy replied “You’ve been exercising every morning no question,

but may I give one small suggestion?

To lose the extra weight, jumping jacks, crunches giving leg cramps

will not be enough, for you have to give up midnight snacks.”

And then it occurred to Ton, “it is true, exercising I have really being,

but at midnight I get hungry, so I have to eat.

The food that I save thru out the whole day at midnight eating, I have found myself.

“Why didn’t you tell me what I was doing wrong?”

Ton asked his tummy really mad at this point.

“How could I?” the tummy replied. “You kept me all busy with all the food, the desserts the ham,

the tamales the turkey and more, but it is true, you need to give up your midnight snacks for I’m starting to feel really tight under all this extra weight

And my friend, your heart, feels unhealthy as well”

The silence filled the room, for Ton or the tummy did not spill a word.

Reflection to Ton, so he had decided with his chin up high,

“I will give up mid night snack, this extra weigh has to be gone for good, for unhealthy I feel with every step I take,

and you my dear tummy say bye to that extra weight.”

Finally at the holidays of 2015,

Ton found himself eating, once again like a beast,

but his new year resolution had changed,

for next year he will not only exercise,

but he will say bye to his midnight snacks.