“Practice makes the teacher.” I have heard a lot of people saying this thru out my life, statement which I believe in. Anything and everything we do in our every day life can be perfected and from mistakes we shall learn. We fall only to get up, but there is no way we can discover our full potential until we take the first step into following our dreams and take the risks to do what we like, or to put it in a better perspective, to do what we have a passion for. My passion happens to be writing, to create and to share stories, being able to dive into my subconscious in order to come up with characters and worlds so that I can share them with you as vivid as possible.

Adopted as a second language, English is something I am still discovering, learning and practicing. Only practice can make me better in the story telling branch of art.

My name is Salvador and I will be using this blog to post stories that pop into my head in order to practice my story telling skills. I do not have a theme for this blog other than “sharing and practicing as I go thru life.” Based on every day life’s events and guided by inspiration, all the stories found in this blog are the work of pure fiction and any similitude to real life, I can guarantee you, is a mere coincidence. All the writing in this blog, as mentioned before, is for me to practice on my writing and story telling skills and has nothing, but the pure intention for me to practice while trying to entertain you, the audience.

I would like to thank you, the person reading this, for your visit to my blog and I hope you find something entertaining to read in this growing warehouse of practice. Please feel free to leave comments, they are all very well appreciated. Thank you once again and have a good read!


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