Part 1; Jealousy in a relationship.

Jealousy is a feeling that can be found mostly everywhere. At work, in school, on the street, in a relationship, etc. Of course, the jealousy found in a working environment is not the same as the one found in a relationship.
For this purpose we will analyze about the jealousy found in a relationship.
Jelousy in a relationship, as much as in any other environment, can get to be something good as much as it can be something bad.
Have you ever found yourself walking into the mall holding hands with your partner, or while walking thru the isles of a grocery store and noticed some one of the opposite sex looking at your patner in a very dreamy way? The initial feeling in most people is jealousy. That is right, but why do you feel jealous? You feel jealous becase you love the person holding your hand, walking with you thru this path of studying and understanding which we call life. Jealousy is a defensive mechanism which makes you, for the most part, imagine how you would feel if that person, the love of your life, was not there next to you at the moment. It, to some point, makes you value who you have for a partner and makes you want to protect that person and how that special person makes you feel when you are together. Of course you want to protect the love of your life, I mean who would not.
Jealousy is good when you take that feeling and transform it into a proof of love. You noticed some one looking at your partner and what you need to do is make your partner aware of it in a nice way, let him or her know that you are aware of who could be a threat for you guys’ love, after all a relationship is of two, not just one, but two people fighting and defending the beautiful love that you two share together. Hug him/her, kiss him/her, and show them that you feel confident of picking the right person. Show him/ her that you trust him/her, but show them, dont just tell it. Show it in a romatic way.
Jealousy could also be something bad. It can be a sign of insecurity, but at what point does jealousy becomes insecurity? If while walking in the mall you noticed some one looking at your partner and your initial reaction is to punch the person for looking at who’s with you, then you are an unsecure person. If you feel like you can loose the love of your life just because some one said hi to him/her, then you are a really insecure person. You need to focus in the facts of why is that person with you, why makes you the right type for him/her and keep in mind that he/she has already picked you, do not mess it up by a rage of jealousy and dont let jealousy to transform into anger which could guide you to do something that you might regret in the future, plus, it can guide you to loose what you were trying to initially protect. Be confident and keep a possitive attitude. Make a list of the positive qualities that made your partner pick you in the first place and make sure to keep a good attittude. Use jealousy for good in order to value who is your partner for life and never let jealousy to become something bad and make you an unsercure person.
Always remember to see the good in life, do not waste life in looking at the negative stuff and the bad, focus in the good and the possitive side of everything and for sure something possitive will come out of it.
Feel free to share any experiences that you might have faced when jealous, what did you do to control it? Did you control it?


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