The house I live in, deserves a great leader.

I live in a big house. This House is made out 51 rooms, all beautiful in their own way and all blessed by God’s divine power. This house that I am talking about holds people from all over the world, making it the greatest place to live with the most multicultural diverse ethnic groups. Thru out the house, a wide variety of traditions have being adopted, for the pillars holding this house have being made strong by something call; immigration.

Before this house adopted the beautiful construction that it is today, where diversity takes place more than any other place in the neighborhood, people came from other places, places as far as the far East, in a neighborhood called Europe. This initial immigrants, in search of a place to worship God  welcomed any one who was looking for the same spiritual freedom. They saw the potential of this terrain to hold the pillars for the house they wanted to build. A house all able to grow into something magnificent which could hold the power of the people, for the people were invited to practice something called; democracy.
This initial pilgrims brought with them their own traditions and as time passed adopted some other ones thanks to the people from around the neighborhood whom decided to live in this house and be part of this family.
It sounds easy to summarise a whole time of years of history into a paragraph, but the construction of this house has taken not only hard work, and swet, it has also taken the life’s and the blood of those warriors and heroes who fought in order to give the people in this house something that we call; freedom.
All the sacrifice and everything that the founding fathers went thru in order to make of this house a great place to live has paid off. People living in this house  have their miss understandings and arguments, just like any other family, but this house has been good and it is a great place to live in, I wouldn’t change it for any other.
The potential of this house is beyond what any living human could understand and it is such a great place that up to today and with 51 rooms forming it, this house is still growing and getting better and more powerful as time passes by thanks to all the razes and all the traditions that are part of this house. It is so great to know that this house has welcome and keeps on welcoming people from all over the world in order to make it the best place to live in. Up to today, those great founding fathers, have being honor by allowing people to be part of this house, this family. Based on the statement “all men created equal” this house will survive any men like power threatting it and it will grow and with the help of great leaders, this house shall do great and amazing things not only for the house itself but for the entire neighborhood.
Unfortunately some times, like this year, some one jumps out of no where and threatens the magnificent pillars of this house, supposedly promising a better future for this already great house. This want to be “leader” promises something good for the house but, what good can possible bring destroying the initial pillars that our so beloved founding fathers raised and built and placed themselves. What good could it possible bring kicking out the people residing in this glorious and united nation taking hard working people out of it. What, do fruits and vegetables and plants and beautiful trees get planted, harvested and picked all by themselves? Do kids go to school and learn all by themselves? Do the rooms of this amazing house get clean all by themselves? Do shelves of super market stores get refilled all by themselves?
This man who claims to be able to do something good for the nation, for this strong house, is nothing but threatening the pillars and fundamentals of this great nation. He claims that building a wall to stay isolated from the rest of the world is going to bring something good but, what nation has acted like a hermit and done great stuff? This man in search of power claims to know about constructions and building great stuff but every time I hear him talking in news conferences, presidential campaigns, it sounds to me like he knows nothing about what this nation needs. This house, is already built, this house has pillars already, the structure, the walls, the rooms. This house doesn’t need a leader to built it for it is already built, this house doesn’t need a leader to fix its pillars for the pillars are already strong and set, this house needs a leader to maintain it, to protect it, to help it grow, not to threaten it and with it the future of millions of people. This house needs a leader who will protect its people and the people who want to be part of this house, not turn every one against each other.
This great nation needs a leader who will honor our great founding fathers by maintain the pillars they set; immigration, for they were immigrants once. Democracy; for the people know what each room needs in order to keep this house strong. Freedom; for that was the initial search, to find a place where we could worship God. And finally, equal opportunity; for every men has been created equal.
This house needs a leader, a great leader, not a Bob the builder or a Hitler, specially if those 2 are found in the same person.


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