bloging 101, day 1

I am super excited for bloging 101 and ready for it, this is finally my kick start.
Day 1.
My name is salvador. I graduated from college a year ago. I am an observer. Curiosity, learning and finding answers are my big qualitites.
I decided to become a blogger and keep a public profile for entertaiment purposes. I plan to post stories that will entertain my visitors and maybe even be able to advice and/or teach a thing or two about life, sharing experiences always help so that we can navigate thru life with a little more confidence.
I believe story telling is a very important part of human beings. Whether found on pictures or text, story telling can be found all the way back to the prehistoric era with all those drawings of men hunting mamuths and packs of lions moving and hunting as well, our ancestors sure though us about the way of life for the caveman.
With technology today, it is easier for us, human beings, to communicate and share stories with people all around the world, that is what I planning to do with my blog, share stories in an entertaining way and like I said, maybe even teach a thing or two.


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