Dreams show us who we are.

Dreams are a really important part of ourselves. We are humans and just as such we all have dreams. Whether poor or rich, we all have dreams. Some people remember their dreams and think about them through out the day just because it is something shocking, something nice, something too realistic, something scary or something terrifying to think about. Some people just forget aboout them as soon as they wake up just in order to get it over with and in order to get going with their day. Some people like to dream, some people might hate to dream, either the case, dreams are something that happens for real, while we sleep.
Dreaming is a state of mind in which our conscious gets in contact with our subconscious. All the dreams we get to have is all information which is storage in our subconscious side of our mind.
Dreams, just like mentioned before, are a really important part of our selves because dreams show the real side of us. Dreams always show us our biggest fears, our biggest desires and the stuff that shapes us as who we really are.
It is really important to pay attention to our dreams, they give messages and help us clear our mind in times when we feel confuse, lost, sad, etc. They can help us find answers about ourself and figure out about what we want to do in life and which way are we really heading towards, but you have to pay really close attention to them.
I would recommend you if you are reading this and you have not done it before, go ahead, analyze your dreams. Next time you have a dream, specially if it is one of those dreams that just keeps on showing up, go ahead and think about it, write it down if possible, as soon as you get a chance, that way you can prevent the dream from getting disorder from the way you actually dreamed it. If you have a good memory, just remembering it and thinking it through should help. If you can not remember the dream, it is ok. Do not worry, most of the time as the day goes on, things might happen which will, unintentionally, help you remember key parts of the dream. Some times there are events in every day life that will help you rermember dreams from passed nights. Do not panic, that is completely normal. I do recomend, if you decide to analyze your dreams or if you already do, to remember those key points that remind you of a dream. That way the dream will help you understand more of the meaning of it. A key point to analyzing dreams is to focus on keypoints; location, event, objects, etc.
Dreams always show just what we need to know, or see. While some one might dream of a kitchen surrended of silver and cooler, some one else might dream a kitchen surrended by cabinets and dish soap. Same location, the kitchen, different meaning, the objects in the kitchen.
Go ahead, analyze your dreams. Should not be hard, we live in the technology area. Go online and analyze what it means to dream with the stuff that you dream of.
You are more than welcome to share your dreams here. What has being the craziest dream you have got to have? Did you find out what it meant?


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