Wiring 101; Day 3 one word inspiration: Home.

After a long journey, Daniel realized it was time to go back home. He had been traveling for about 2 months and a half. His job as a photographer required him to do a lot of travelling, but that is his passion; photography. To be able to capture memeories to share with the world is his passion, therefor he gives all his best in order to be the best at his job, his career, his way of making a living for bills and rent to get paid.
5 years and three months married meant a lot to him, after all, marriage is a creation from God in order to bond 2 souls for the rest of the existence of their bodies. When he is home he makes every moment that he spents with Sherry, his wife, and Gabriel and Makayla, his 4 year old son and his 3 year old daughter, to count as if it was the last day he would spent together as a family. For mom, a really nice warm breakfast in bed said “I love you and I cherrish you more than anything in life”. Which she really appreciates. Flowers from time to time and Ferrero roscher showed appreciation as well, but for both of them material stuff didn’t really counted as much as the action and the thought of a romantic moment.
As for the kids a day in the park was the most amazing time they could possible ask for, so he was happy to make their dream come true. A day in the park as often as possible, after all it was priceless for him to see his kids play under his watch in a safe enviroment while they just keep on growing. It was sad but at the same time it helped him get ready mentally to think about the day his son would walk up to him and announce “im getting married dad.” or his daughter to say “I have a boyfriend.”
It is true they were little kids right now but man, doesn’t time pass bye so fast? it seems like they were born yesterday barely and now here they are playing and running in the park.
For him a nice relaxing day together with his family meant the world. After working far away from home for some months, he enjoys nothing as much as spending beautiful time with his family.  He loves taking beautiful photoes of land scapes, wether in the dessert or in the middle of the snow, capturing the colorfull and beauty of god’s creation is delightfull to his soul, after all what a better way to pay the bills but to enjoy what to do for a living and making a living of what he enjoys.
The feeling of traveling fo him is unique. Metting new places and seeing parts of the world with so many different cultures is amazing, but not as amazing as to go home and hold his family in his arms and wait until he has to depart again to do his job, be a father and take care of his family, his home.


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