What a crazy world.

After giving some thought, around a week or so, I have decided on what to write about for this, my very first blog. There are so many topics out there but I have finaly decided.
Just like many other people, on their way to work, on  their way to school, on the way to the shopping center, etc, I see homeless people all around the city. People whom by X reason have made of the streets their home. There is people of honest and true heart that attempt to do something in order to help this people and try to make their lifes a little more pleasant. Some people volunteer in local shelters and/or churchs in order to cook for homeles people, serve them breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some other people donate food and/or clothing in order to help and make a difference and help less fortunate people. Some other people help as they encounter a homeless person, some good hearted person might buy a plate of food to the homeless guy located right at the corner of the street, yes, right there, next to traffic light holding one of those so common “homeless and hungry please help” sign, which happens to be written on a piece of cardboard with big handwritten letters. Some people might not buy food but instead they might give some good dollars, after all any amount helps to make a difference, to that poor homeless man or woman in order for them to be able to buy some essential stuff that he or she might need like clothing. Some people decide to just ignored them, but I have never paid attention about; which part of society helps this less fortunate people the most.
The thought came to my head around four days ago. While watching some videos on youtube, my wife came up to me and showed me the craziest social experiment I have ever seeing. Might not be the craziest but it sure did took me off guard. The outcome is just unbelieveable. At least it was for me but I am a hundred percent sure some other person might feel just the same way I do.
In this experiment two well known pranksters in the youtube community, Mr Dennis Roady and Mr. Jack Vale, decided to dress up as two homeless guys in the streets asking for money, food or any type of help that people would be willing to offer and give. Mr. Roady and Mr. Vale decided to do the experiment in two specific points in the city, after all the point is to see what kind of people are willing to help the most. They took  themselves to Beverly Hills, CA and Long Beach CA. The outcome, unbelievable.
While asking for money on the streets of Beverly Hills, where wealthy people live, shop and drive their expensive cars, they got no help what’s so ever. They spent about fourty minutes just there, asking people for food or money. Let’s keep in mind this guys are not really homeless, it is just part of the experiment. No help came to them at all, and it is not that there wasn’t enough people walking on the streets, because believe me, there was more than enough people that could have help this guys, at least wih a cookie, but no one offered any type of help, not even a quarter.
Now, in the second phase of the experiment, they decided to go to Long Beach, CA. In that area of the city people live in a more decent way compare to Beverly Hills. Unbelievable, in about five minutes they got the first person helpping them. In this area of the city they got more help in less than ten minutes than what they collected in the wealthy side of town in about fourty minutes. In long beach they got from food to money. People were really helpful, regardless of their social position they helped more than the people in the side of town in which people seem to have more than what they need.
I know there are some good rich people out there that help their community including homeless people, but for sure none appear in this social experiment.
This social experiment opened my eyes and helped me realized how our society works, wealthy people are not willing to help less fortunate individuals as much as medium class people, because they have no idea what it is like to be in need, after all they have everything right. In the mean time, people of decent living are willing to help even more becuase we know that material stuff is not everything. We are willing to share what we have because we can actually picture what it would be like to loose everything and some day need a helpful hand.
If you want to watch the actual  social experiment click the link below. Comment on this article and please let me know your thoughts towards society and people in need.


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