Black and white by 2030


Picture by Genesis Corrales

Due to the limitation on natural resources, the powers from all around the world got together in order to make what could be the most important decision in the history of human kind.
It is the year 2030 and natural resources have become really limited. People have been limited for the past five years. No new furniture has been built in order to protect the last of the forests around the world. No new clothing, no fancy homes. Electric cars have become a must. Fines have been applied for people caught in the use of a gas operated vehicle.
The world seem to have met its end, until today. The greatest powers from all around the world have finally met in order to make, what seems to be the most important decision of all times, as much as for humans as for the earth in general.
Scientists have found the way in order to make natural resources more abundant. The name for the project: “reviving our mother”. The price: “giving up color”. The project itself will serve in order for it to restore the damage that we, humanity, have made to our mother, earth.
The technology for this project consists of an advance machine connected to the enviroment, back and front. Thru the entrance, all color from the world will be vaccume and process inside the machine. All colorful objects from every place in the world will become color null, only black and white will exist. From the red slippers hidden underneath my bed to the beautiful rainbows up in the sky, all color will be gone.
Once all the color in the world is process inside the machine, all thru some technology which I cannot quite explain, will be release in order for nature to recover. Rivers which have being dry for years now, will final over fill with fresh and clean water, all the air in the world will become breathable again and all the oceans will become clean again. Earth will be getting a restoration, from down deep in the ocean all the way up in the sky.
Once the machine is activated, all color will be gone forever.
There is one thing ongoing with the project as well. Everyone around the world has the opportunity to keep one object, only one, in order to save it from loosing it’s color. Anything can be, as long as it meets the requirements: it has to have a deep personal value, it cannot be more than 60 inches counting all together length, width and height.
As I Write this, the announcement has being made. The machine will be activated in 24 hours from now. No time to waste, I have decided to keep a pot full of grass with me. I need to keep something which will remind me for the rest of my life what it feels like to have something so green and full of life.
I have decided on what to keep, no time to waste for I have to drive 10 hours in order to get to the closest avaliable,  government restricted,  field in order to get what will make me feel alive after all the color becomes extinct. Good luck picking yours.

Local Color


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