Writting 101; day 1,Why do you blog?

I write, mainly, because of three reasons.
Reason number one being; for entertainment purposes.
There is, to me, nothing more entertaining than writting and sharing stories. It is, I believe, story telling the main way humans share anecdotes and experiences in order to understand more about our own selves, after all, every head is a universe, right? With story telling nor do I only entertain my self by creating a story but hopefully will I entertain some one out there and maybe even teach an important lesson for some one who needs it.
Reason number two; I must say because of legacy. A writer with the right inspiration and in the right way can create not only stories but a legacy which can last as long as the people reading it, teaching it and printing it allow it to. For instance the stories of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, the many stories of “Sherlock Homes”, among many other people and famous stories, are people and stories which, after all these years, still inspire new generation. That is priceless.
Reason number three; This reason I think is the most important of all. I write to connect, to learn and teach. The universe is a place full of inspiration and open for interpretation, just by connecting to people and reading each other’s work can help so much to understand this gift given from god, beautiful by the way and amazing, call life. Understanding it, I believe, is a main purpose for life itslef. Just like before scientists, philosophers, mathematicians,  etc. Would study and publish their work in order for other  people to read it and challenge it, now a days I think the same practice is still being done, thanks to technology in an easier and faster way. We live, we learn and so we share. At the end we find not only answers but questions that will need answers in the future, it will only by living, learning and sharing that we will find the answers.
Those are the reasons I write for, what are yours?


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