What A Nightmare!

A little kid woke up in the middle of the night and run to his parent’s bedroom. The lightning had awoken him and the shadows outside his bedroom scared him.

Earlier that day, he had been watching a scary movie. Even thought his parents had told him not to wach scary movies without them, he disobeyed and watched the movie any ways.

Now in the middle of the night, he couldn’t sleep because either, everything outside his room looked like an evil clown, or everything looked like a boogie man.

Now hiding underneath the blankets of his parent’s bed, he realized that he fell safe even though they were sleeping.

Wait a minute, his parents did not react to his presence in their bed, that is weird, they always wake up as soon as he enteres the room, how could they be sleeping now.

2 shadows, one on his left and one on his right, made him turn around. Oh no! his parents had turned into clowns and they were laughing at him with evil mouths and evil eyes, even the makeup on their faces looked evil.

Aaaahhhhh!!!! he woke up, this time for reals, screaming, his dad rushed to his room, and now crying in his dad’s arms he promised; that next time he would not watch scary movies when his parents were not around.


I saw a man in line ready to pay for a bottle of wine in a grocery store. It was not one of those big corporate store but more like a smaller, friendlier, local, grocery store. He looked at the bottle at hand with a doubtful expression. It is wine sale week and the wine has extra 20 percent off, but it seems like his choice is not really too convincing for him. As the line gets longer behind him, he looks around with a cry for help expression on his face.

After some Few seconds looking around, finally surprise hits him. The brightness that took over his face could have lit up a room at the end of a windowless house on a moonless night. There by the endcap, the tallest wine display in the entire store, stood his answer. He was looking for a sweet wine, but due to the lack of knowledge on his side, his limited two options were either a Merlot or a pink Moscato. The merlot on his hand did not really made him much confident, but there at the endcap stood the “Gallo Pink Moscato” 1 gallon. Even better,  not just the small bottle but the 1 gallon bottle, for the price of a small one, plus the discount? could not say no to that deal. Like a little kid getting candy after the piƱata breaks, this man run to the display in order to get the wine he would really get to enjoy.

He grabs one bottle and he starts analyzing it, he asks one of the employees “Is this really the price?” with surprise on his face and the brightness of a Christmas morning after receiving that so waited for gift. “Yes, that is the price.” the employee answered with less surprise on his face, after all, how many people ask him that question a day? “Thank you!” the man said in a loud excited voice as the employee walked away.

With the same excitement as when he first saw the bottle, the man checked  and analyzed it closer. Once ready to walk to the register and pay for it, his hands could not hold the bottle any longer and so, it felt to the ground causing time to slowed down as the bottle hit the ground, I perceive it and so did he, the bottle fell to the ground in slow motion and there was no one that could have stopped it, not even the man who had been holding it fraction of a second ago. With a clinging strong sound the bottle hit the ground making customers turn around to see what fell, with awe on their faces they notice that the bottle did not break. The man that held the bottle seconds before turns red and embarrassment possesses his soul. With a quick swing he picks up the bottle and observes it again as customers get back to their own business in line.

He examined the bottle looking for any cracks and with crazy surprise he realizes that there is not even a tiny chip on the magnificent bottle. Once embarrassment washed off, he looked around and decided to put the bottle right where he got it from. With caution he grabs a bottle from a higher stack from the back of the display, after all, what if some tiny pieces of glass crisp inside the bottle that he just dropped, better to prevent, but see life sometimes works in funny ways, as he removes the new bottle from the back in order to take it to the register and pay for it, something very weird happened, the new bottle hits the previous one making it once again fall to the ground in that slow motion perception hitting the ground once again now with a twist, little pieces of glass explode in all direction with wine running on the floor making a mess. New customers in line turn around, together with the old customers walking towards the door, to see what broke; a bottle of wine. No surprise there, after all bottles of wine break when falling to the ground, right?

Questions form in my mind as the customer proceeded to checkout, with embarrassment once again obvious on his face;  Was it destiny? was that bottle meant for him and only him, is that why the bottle broke after he refused to take it after the first fall? or was the bottle meant to break and it didn’t really meant to leave with no one, could it have been prevented? or was it just a coincidence?