Writing 101; Day 4, one image inspiration.

This is one of the most amazing advantages of being an angel, the greatness of being here standing in the middle of the air as high as the highest building in the city, no barriers, no boundaries.
Some hundred years ago or so I had to materialized my self in order to save a human from some bandits. I could see pureness in himself, therefore the order to protect him got to me. And there I was walking down the street, behind the guy with gray hair whom walked with the help of a cane. Due to the pain which he had been getting in his heart lately, death was just some few years away from taking him back to the place where all souls some from and to where all souls go back to. It is true that he was soon to his end but not right there in that alley of a growing town and not by the hands of those bandits. On the bandits I could see nothing but pure evil. Like when humans get a cavity, the outside looks white but the inside as black as night itself. Those 2 have no cure, no salvation. Just like that tooth with cavity, there was nothing to do with those guys but to let them suffer with themselves. Their soul already belonged to Lucifer and were destined to burn for eternity right after this life. But they were not meant to take the life of that man, not right there, not at that time.
I remembered materializing myself and walking behind the older guy as if I was a body guard. He couldn’t see me, at least I didn’t allow him to, but there I was walking behind him to protect him from those evil spirits whom in plan had to rob him and kill him. But of course I didn’t allow that to happen.
As soon as they saw me, they started backing up. For them I was just another 6 foot 5 perfect like person with the looks and the skin of an ordinary man. They could have killed a person fitting the profile I had acquire at the time, after all the guns they were carrying could have taken care of it no problem. But it was not how I look what intimidated them, but my inside. Materializing is just one way of the process, the second one is to allow their souls to see the bright fullness of my Divine strength. That, recognized by the evil spirits governing those souls, is what made them backed up and leave, for their souls could have been destroy at that precise moment.
Walking behind that guy brought joy to my being. Been able to protect him was something priceless, but all that weigh, all that gravity pulling me down is what makes me glad that I do not have to stay in a materialized form for eternity. Being able to fly and watch over human kind is what fills me with joy. It is with views like this that make me realized who I am and be proud of it. For the creator has created sunsets like this one.

Wiring 101; Day 3 one word inspiration: Home.

After a long journey, Daniel realized it was time to go back home. He had been traveling for about 2 months and a half. His job as a photographer required him to do a lot of travelling, but that is his passion; photography. To be able to capture memeories to share with the world is his passion, therefor he gives all his best in order to be the best at his job, his career, his way of making a living for bills and rent to get paid.
5 years and three months married meant a lot to him, after all, marriage is a creation from God in order to bond 2 souls for the rest of the existence of their bodies. When he is home he makes every moment that he spents with Sherry, his wife, and Gabriel and Makayla, his 4 year old son and his 3 year old daughter, to count as if it was the last day he would spent together as a family. For mom, a really nice warm breakfast in bed said “I love you and I cherrish you more than anything in life”. Which she really appreciates. Flowers from time to time and Ferrero roscher showed appreciation as well, but for both of them material stuff didn’t really counted as much as the action and the thought of a romantic moment.
As for the kids a day in the park was the most amazing time they could possible ask for, so he was happy to make their dream come true. A day in the park as often as possible, after all it was priceless for him to see his kids play under his watch in a safe enviroment while they just keep on growing. It was sad but at the same time it helped him get ready mentally to think about the day his son would walk up to him and announce “im getting married dad.” or his daughter to say “I have a boyfriend.”
It is true they were little kids right now but man, doesn’t time pass bye so fast? it seems like they were born yesterday barely and now here they are playing and running in the park.
For him a nice relaxing day together with his family meant the world. After working far away from home for some months, he enjoys nothing as much as spending beautiful time with his family.  He loves taking beautiful photoes of land scapes, wether in the dessert or in the middle of the snow, capturing the colorfull and beauty of god’s creation is delightfull to his soul, after all what a better way to pay the bills but to enjoy what to do for a living and making a living of what he enjoys.
The feeling of traveling fo him is unique. Metting new places and seeing parts of the world with so many different cultures is amazing, but not as amazing as to go home and hold his family in his arms and wait until he has to depart again to do his job, be a father and take care of his family, his home.

Writting 101; Day 2, write a list.

Things I like.
1. I like spending time with my wife and traveling and exploring the world with her.
2. I like the smell of fresh homemade breakfast in the morning. Specially that involving egss, chorizo or ham, bacon or sausage and last, but not least, a hot cup of hazelnut flavored coffee.
3. I like the feeling  of a cloudy, gray, cold and breeze day. Gives me so much inspiration and energy.
4. I like reading a book, fiction preferably.
5. I like driving at night with my window down and feel the fresh air going in thru the window.
6. I like swimming in the ocean during a hot summer day and then have a picnic on the sand with tropical fruits and a delicious “Shrimp Ceviche” prepared by my lovely wife.
7. I like to think about life and day dream as well as learning as much as possible in different areas, specially philosophy and psycology.
8. I like to blog.
This is my list, what is yours?

Writting 101; day 1,Why do you blog?

I write, mainly, because of three reasons.
Reason number one being; for entertainment purposes.
There is, to me, nothing more entertaining than writting and sharing stories. It is, I believe, story telling the main way humans share anecdotes and experiences in order to understand more about our own selves, after all, every head is a universe, right? With story telling nor do I only entertain my self by creating a story but hopefully will I entertain some one out there and maybe even teach an important lesson for some one who needs it.
Reason number two; I must say because of legacy. A writer with the right inspiration and in the right way can create not only stories but a legacy which can last as long as the people reading it, teaching it and printing it allow it to. For instance the stories of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, the story of “Romeo and Juliet”, the many stories of “Sherlock Homes”, among many other people and famous stories, are people and stories which, after all these years, still inspire new generation. That is priceless.
Reason number three; This reason I think is the most important of all. I write to connect, to learn and teach. The universe is a place full of inspiration and open for interpretation, just by connecting to people and reading each other’s work can help so much to understand this gift given from god, beautiful by the way and amazing, call life. Understanding it, I believe, is a main purpose for life itslef. Just like before scientists, philosophers, mathematicians,  etc. Would study and publish their work in order for other  people to read it and challenge it, now a days I think the same practice is still being done, thanks to technology in an easier and faster way. We live, we learn and so we share. At the end we find not only answers but questions that will need answers in the future, it will only by living, learning and sharing that we will find the answers.
Those are the reasons I write for, what are yours?

bloging 101, day 1

I am super excited for bloging 101 and ready for it, this is finally my kick start.
Day 1.
My name is salvador. I graduated from college a year ago. I am an observer. Curiosity, learning and finding answers are my big qualitites.
I decided to become a blogger and keep a public profile for entertaiment purposes. I plan to post stories that will entertain my visitors and maybe even be able to advice and/or teach a thing or two about life, sharing experiences always help so that we can navigate thru life with a little more confidence.
I believe story telling is a very important part of human beings. Whether found on pictures or text, story telling can be found all the way back to the prehistoric era with all those drawings of men hunting mamuths and packs of lions moving and hunting as well, our ancestors sure though us about the way of life for the caveman.
With technology today, it is easier for us, human beings, to communicate and share stories with people all around the world, that is what I planning to do with my blog, share stories in an entertaining way and like I said, maybe even teach a thing or two.